Financial Support

Fundraing campaign “2000 (persons) for 1000 Euro each for WELCOMMON, for refugees, #withrefugees, for the benefit of the local community

Until the end of the year our project is partly funded by the UNHCR through our cooperation with Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (ADDMA). A main difficulty for us is that until today we don’t have any official answer by UNHCR if they will continue or not  funding (partly in any case) our center for the next year (2018). There are no other calls for granting such an hollistic project like WELCOMMON offering accomodation in dignitypsychological and social supportprimary health care,  formal and non formal education and socializing.
Our project is not based on the needs of today but on a stategic approach for the model of housing, social inclusion and job integration of refugees and mainly of the most vulnerable. We fully support their stay in appartments but if we really want to support them, to empower them, to help them in their efforts for social inclusion and finding a proped job, we have to offer to the most vulnerable the time and the supportive environment (of a structure like WELCOMMON) in order to be able to suceed in this, to see this happen. Otherwise they will stay excluded and isolated in a appartment without hope and solutions for many of their problems.
Therefore, we are looking for different ways/resource in order to sustain the funding not only for hosting refugees in dignity but also for the innovative social inclusion and job integration of our guests. In 2018 we would like to enhance our efforts and projects towards this direction including not only refugees but also greek unemployed women and youngsters.
Even if the UNHCR decides to continue supporting our center for the next year, we are planning and we will start in the next days a fundraing campaign “2000 (persons) for 1000 Euro each for WELCOMMON, for refugees, #withrefugees, for the benefit of the local communityWe hope, we will be able to find the resources with the support of our friends and networks all the organisations, volunteers and friends who have recignised our innovative and qualified work.

The continuation of the program is based on the massive support of actors and sensitized citizens.

Ways- ideas- inspiration of how to help! Become Welcommon’s Ambassador@@@

Save the date of our crowdfunding campaign!!!!!

-Pay 20 euros per month for a child’s lesson

-Buy one photo for 50 cents / one calendar of Welcommon for 5 euros.

-Come as a volunteer to #Welcommon and create with us the calendar or whatever you are inspired to create. By us we mean the staff and the refuggees of #Welcommon.

– You might be in Italy or Canada… You can publish our words in the newspaper / social media and spread them your community.

-If you are in Japan… there is a Japanese saying:
Do not keep something going away, do not hurt anything that comes. Lets connect to each other and cultivate the culture of accepting and sharing.

– Find a foundation or institute in your country that could support us or just find one of your friends!

– Organize a party, a concert, a performance for Welcommon and refugees and support us!

-We strongly support art and cultural exchange as a way of empowering inclusion.

– Sent us a 30sec testimonial with the theme “Refugees”

– Testimonials from Welcommon’s neighbors.

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