Collaboration with volunteers, academics and social actors  from all around the world.

Despite the fact that 32 people are currently working at WELCOMMON thus contributing to reducing unemployment for both young and long-term unemployed, we need the participation and support of many volunteers.

Volunteers’ role is very important in #WELCOMMON. They make a decisive contribution to constantly renewing the work of professionals but also expanding it to areas that are at the center of our planning and interest but we do not have the resources to fund them such as education, socialization, artistic creation, social inclusion and job integration.

Since 2016, Wind of Renewal, while designing this innovative community center for hosting and promoting social inclusion of refugees, chose to develop on organized basis cooperation with volunteers from different countries.

Among other things, we provided space for hosting a number of volunteers inside the building where WELCOMMON is housed.

We have also developed systematic cooperation with various organizations from Europe (RESPECT for GREECE – Germany, mSocial and ACSAR Fundacio – Catalonia), social cooperatives from Middle East (Humanity Crew-Palestine) and Egypt (Egypt Foundation for Youth and Development), universities from Europe and the USA, so as to have volunteers with high skills and will to offer to society.

Our small community is expanding. We want to constantly improve cooperation with volunteers, taking into account their ideas, experiences and suggestions, so that there is continuity and benefit not only for our refugees and our staff but also for the volunteers who will come in the future. From autumn we have created our volunteers’ online community.

Please see the Volunteers Code of Conduct